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General information

Swedish U17 International 2022

Part of the Badminton Europe U17 Circuit 2022


Closing Date: 28th of December 2021


PRESENTED BY:             Badminton Sweden (member of Badminton Europe Confederation)

ORGANIZED BY:             Uppsala KFUM BMK Fyrisfjädern (Member of Badminton Sweden) Badmintonstigen 1, SE-75333 Uppsala, Sweden

Contact:        Stefan Börjesson               

Phone:           +46-70 248 18 93

Email:           This is a mailto link

Website: https://www.tournamentfyrisfjadern.se/



Upplands Boservice Arena/Fyrisfjädern, Badmintonstigen 1, Uppsala, Sweden

Semi-finals and finals will be played at the same venue as Swedish Junior: Fyrishov, Idrottsgatan 1, Uppsala, Sweden.

Swedish U17 International will be played on 5 courts



The Swedish U17 International Championships will be conducted under the BWF Competition Regulations and in accordance with the Regulations of the Badminton Europe U17 Circuit, of which the Championships form a part. Including regulations covering the current Covid 19 pandemic. You can find updated Covid 19 guidelines here: BadmintonEurope.com - Governance - Competition Regulations



Friday 28th of January from 9:00 am to Sunday 30th of January 2022. Saturday from 9:00am. Semi-finals will start at 9:00 am on Sunday and finals will not start before 1:00pm.




Round 64

Round 32

Round 16




MS - 64







WS - 64







MD - 32







WD - 32







XD - 48


















U17 (Official Badminton Europe U17 Circuit Tournament)



Men's (MS) and women's (WS) singles, men's (MD) and women's (WD) doubles and mixed doubles (XD).

According to BWF rules, players born in 2006 or later can be accepted.

 The maximum number of competitors accepted in the tournament is:

  • 64 players in men’s and women’s singles
  • 32 pairs in men’s and women’s doubles
  • 48 pairs in mixed doubles

No qualifications will be played before the main draw. If there are more entries for an event than will be accepted, the players/pairs will qualify for the main draw according to the rule 6.1.6 of the BE U17 Circuit regulations.

In accordance with regulation § 9.2 and § 9.3 in BWF Statutes, Section World Junior Ranking System, an event must contain at least 8 (eight) competitors in the first published version of the main draw. If the required number of competitors is not met in the first published version of the main draw, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking. In accordance with regulation § 9.4 in BWF Statutes, Section World Junior Ranking System, an event must contain at least 1 (one) entry from a Member other than the hosting Member in the first published version of the main draw. If an event does not contain at least 1 (one) entry from a Member other than the hosting Member in the first published version of the main draw, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking.

BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any costs incurred by third persons (players, coaches, umpires, team managers etc.) because of an event not having enough competitors to count for the rankings.


CLOSING DATE               Tuesday 28th of December 2021 at 23:59 BWF HQ time (16:59 CET)


ENTRIES                         BWF Online Entry system. Entries must be made directly by a Member of which the player/pair is a member

                                            tournamentsoftware.com - Swedish U17 International 2022 - Organisation

ENTRY FEES                   

The entry fees for the tournament are (shuttles included):

  • Singles: EUR 36.00 per player.
  • Doubles: EUR 42.00 per pair.

Organiser:      Fyrisfjädern BMK Uppsala

Bank:             Swedbank
                      IBAN             SE03 8000 0838 1697 4867 6310
                      SWIFT           SWEDSESS  

The member is responsible for paying the entry fees. The entry fees become due if a player is entered and has not been withdrawn when the entry deadline passes. It is recommended that the entry fees are paid by bank transfer, but the organisers accept cash payment at the tournament.



The seeding and draw will be made January 11th by Badminton Europe. The format of the draw will be knock out for all events.



Members must apply their VISA (if needed) in time. If you have problems with VISA, contact Swedish consulate in your country for more information.



For winners and runners up. The Prize ceremony will take place on Sunday afternoon.



Colour design lettering and advertising on clothing shall be regulated by BWF Statutes, section 5.2.3, Junior Tournament Regulation 12 to 16. For all BEC U17 Circuit tournaments the name on the back of the shirt is optional.


REFEREE:                         Patrik Andersson

                                       E-Mail:  This is a mailto link

                                       Phone: +46 730 649 669



Victor Master No1 shuttlecocks will be used in the tournament

Drug Testing: According to Swedish law Drug Testing might be carried out on a random basis at any time during the tournament


Doping Control: Doping control in badminton, in accordance with BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, is conducted out-of-competition and in-competition with the collection of urine and/or blood samples.

Athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body. Before an athlete takes any medication, they should check with their doctor, and if necessary, get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

For more information about anti-doping, please visit the BWF website: https://corporate.bwfbadminton.com/integrity/anti-doping-overview/

Badminton Integrity: Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes (Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results) relates to anti-corruption and anti-match manipulation, and this code applies to all participants at this tournament.

To protect the integrity of BWF sanctioned tournaments, participants are not allowed to bet in any way on badminton matches, respect the principle of fair play, and shall not attempt to influence the course or result of a game or match.

Every person has an obligation to report to the BWF any approaches by anyone to gather inside information or to change the outcome of a matches.

For more information, please refer to BWF’s website: https://corporate.bwfbadminton.com/integrity/anti-match-fixing-overview/


Compliance with General Competition Regulations (GCR) Clause 7.9: “In making or authorising entries, the Member concerned is reconfirming its acceptance, and acceptance by the Players being entered, of the BWF’s regulations and Disciplinary processes.”

PRACTICE FACILITIES  Available Thursday 27th of January 2022 from 10:00 to 22:00. For booking a practice court please e-mail This is a mailto link no later than January 20th


TOURNAMENT WEB      https://www.tournamentfyrisfjadern.se/


OFFICIAL POINT OF ARRIVAL:                  

Arlanda Airport Stockholm, located 30 min from Uppsala



Official tournament hotel:

Scandic Uppsala Nord, Gamla Uppsalagatan 50, 754 25 Uppsala https://www.scandichotels.se/hotell/sverige/uppsala/scandic-uppsala-nord

For hotel reservations and all communication regarding accommodation please contact the hotel directly: This is a mailto link

Prices (using the booking code FYR280122):                    

  • Single bedroom: 780 SEK per night (approx. EUR 72)
  • Double bedroom: 880 SEK per night (approx. EUR 81)
  • Triple bedroom: 1.130 SEK per night (approx. EUR 105)
  • Four-bed bedroom: 1.380 SEK per night (approx. EUR 128)

(All prices incl. breakfast).



Official point of arrival is Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

There will be transports provided between the airport and the tournament hotel. The fee of the transportation is:

  • EUR 25,00 per person (return journey)

For booking of transport please contact This is a mailto link

No later than 20th January 2022.

Transport will also be provided regularly between the tournament hotel and the venue



To be arranged individually by participants. The organizer declines responsibility and covering of cost for possible injuries or other damages. It is up to each participant to arrange with insurance.


KEY DATES                     

Entry deadline                  28th of December 2021 (16:59 CTM)

Hotel booking                   14th of January 2022

Seeding and Draw            11th of January 2022

Transportation request    20th of January 2022

Practice court booking     20th of January 2022

Team manager meeting   27th of January 2022 (19:30 local time)

Tournament starts           28th of January 2022


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